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ARMDS (Animators for Rural Multipurpose Development Society) is a non-governmental, secular and non-profit organization which has been working in the region of Mugaiyur since 1990.

It principally works towards the empowerment of the downtrodden, outcastes, rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, children with cerebral palsy and mental retardation and the children who are dropped out from schools and the other marginalized.

Secretary Message

I am filled with joy and the pen in my hand just forces me to write a few words as I sit and look back at the various achievements and milestones of ARMDS.

I am moved a lot when I see joys of people around which was a rare reality two decades ago. I have found several young men and women employed ......

Flood relief

Unprecedented Flood in October and November 2015 had caused extreme havoc. The entire campus of ARMDS was flooded.

Students from UK

Students from United Kingdom are with us to share their culture with children as well as adults in rural area.

Arpanam School

Therapeutic activities are being regularly conducted to keep the children agile and active.

Plenty Vegetables for India

Plenty Food International and Plenty Food Nederland, aid in International Projects, has come forward generously to help people provide in their own livelihood in an animal and environmental friendly manner, and have agreed to support the inhabitants of Irudayapuram in the Southern state of Tamilnadu in India by proceeding the project: Plenty Vegetables for India, starting May 2018. The title of the project is "Promoting Compositing and Kitchen Gardening for safe and Sustainable Food Production to be used for School children with special needs and their families at ARMDS".